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Mauritz & Wortmann
Dorfstr. 15b
D-16845 Rohrlack
(north of Berlin)

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Market stall 2m with display Market stall 2m with Zipfel canvas wooden Market stall 6m medieval canvas Market stall 6m walk-in section Info Stall sustainable from wood and cotton canvas

switch to German For nearly 30 years klipklap has produced weather-proof wooden market stalls, with a water-tight canvas roof.
klipklap wooden market stalls have been proved in professional markets by craftsmen and artisans for natural products, farmers markets, enabling a high quality presentation of wares, as well as catering facilities. We at klipklap experienced market life first-hand with our own market stand for seven years; out of this practical experience an entire sustainable eco-friendly market stall system has been developed. The environmental aspect has dominated our work throughout. Ecological and sustainable information stalls have also been designed for environmentally orientated publicity, made from wood (widely FSC-certified) varnished with organic oils and colours … more >>>

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Hexagonal Garden Pavillion from wood and canvas Hexagonal Pavillion for catering Hexagonal Pavillion with colored roof Hexagonal Pavillion box office medieval Hexagonal Pavillion Hexagonal Pavillion canvas roof Hexagonal Pavillion market stand Hexagonal Pavillion for wine and food Hexagonal Pavillion for traders

klipklap Infostand BUND Infostand mit farbiger Thekenblende Marktstand 2m mit Standblende Infostand aus Holz Infostand mit Seitenplane Infostand mit Baumwollplane Grüner Infostand mit Aufsteller Promotionstand Infostand BSR


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